is a Philippine-based production company founded in 2005 by leading Filipino independent producers and filmmakers Arleen Cuevas, Armi Rae Cacanindin and Raya Martin. It aims to craft innovative local stories with emerging and established voices, while also promoting fresh new way of seeing them at home and abroad.


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    Cinematografica is committed to exploring different visions from all over the world.
    It specializes in international co-productions with several co-productions made from the past ten years, premiering in A-list festivals.


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        Martin expertly recreates the cinema of decades ago emulating the sets, costumes, visuals and performances of the time. The leap in time is even disguised by the interruption of the action for a fake newsreel reporting the shooting of a young boy by an American soldier. It is bewitching from the very first moment and proffers all manner of allegorical assertions about his country and its plight. Despite never quite delivering on some of the myriad interesting questions that it raises, it packs a fantastic emotional and cinematic punch, especially in the tragedy of its climactic thunderstorm finale and a final leap for the eponymous Independencia.

        Bewitching from the very first moment
        Oggs Cruz

        "Independencia" tackles the concept of independence in its most unadulterated form, where both mother and son sacrifice the comforts of colonial living, of so-called civilization to live in the jungle. By stripping themselves of their colonial past, they become subjects of nature and the elements. Beliefs transform as pre-colonial lore, with passed-on tales of powerful talismans and golden skinned deities, become redundant conversational devotions.

        Tackles the concept of independence in its most unadulterated form

        Independencia was released in 2009 and is directed by Raya Martin. The truth is that Martin’s movie is weird, but also a fine example from what genius directors still are capable of. He is the first Filipino filmmaker who was selected for the prestigious Un Certain Regard-award in Cannes. Just like Michel Hazanavicius did in the Oscar-winning The Artist, Martin also returns to the roots of cinema. The 30-year old director doesn’t believe in CG-effects, he just made Independencia like if were the 20’s. Practically seen it was easy for him to film his movie in a nearby jungle, but Martin built a whole set just like they used in the old days, including for instance plastic plants.

        Finding gems where you never expect it