my name is raya martin

and i am a
film director

I make films for myself. But it’s also like, when you’ve figured yourself out, people understand. It’s a kind of language, not cinema as language, but classically, a form of being. I love making films because afterwards I understand certain questions in my head, not through the movie but through the process. I don’t have any control of the audience, only myself

my biography

Raya Martin

He graduated from the University of the Philippines Film Institute in 2005 and worked as writer and researcher in local television, newspaper, radio and online magazines. At a young age, he won awards locally and internationally, and his films were featured in renowned film festivals.

  • Career

    Director, Writer, Researcher

  • Year & Place of Birth

    1984, Manila, Philippines

  • Genres

    Independent, Shorts

  • Location


Awards, Top Nominations

Career Highlights

His short film “Bakasyon” won the Ishmael Bernal Award for Young Cinema at the 2004 Cinemanila International Film Festival, and his documentary “The Island at the End of the World” won Best Documentary at the 2005 .mov International Digital Film Festival.

“Short Film about the Indio Nacional (Or The Prolonged Sorrow of the Filipinos)”, his first feature film, won Best Film at the 2006 Pesaro Film Festival. His second feature “Autohystoria” was awarded Best Film and Best Director (Digital Lokal) at the 2007 Cinemanila International Film Festival. It also received a Special Mention at the Festival International du Documentaire de Marseille.

He is the first Filipino filmmaker to be accepted in the Cinéfondation Résidence of the Cannes Film Festival. A retrospective of his works have been featured in Paris, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias and South Korea.

His previous work, “Now Showing”, is part of the 40th Directors’ Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival 2008.

Martin is also a recipient of the 13 Artists Awards of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Independencia is the first Filipino film to be selected in the Un Certain Regard section of Cannes Film Festival, 2009. It won Best Film and NETPAC Award at Bangkok Film Festival, Thailand and Best Film and Critic's Prize Award at Valdivia Film Festival, Chile 2009.

His latest films in 2013 are “How to Disappear Completely” which won Best Picture and Best Director at Digital Lokal section of Cinemanila Film Festival in the Philippines and “La Ultima Pelicula” which was co-directed by Mark Peranson and premiered in Toronto Film Festival.